New Zealand:  During the month of April, nineteen people between 65 and 80 years of age, and a thirty year old youngster, journeyed all the way from Pasadena First Church of the Nazarene in California, U.S.,  to help the Seabrook Church of the Nazarene in Auckland, NZ.

New siding, windows, and various other updates.

New siding, windows, and various other updates.

The Seabrook church is in the process of transforming a former factory cafeteria into a church sanctuary.   This is a lot of work as NZ has very stringent building laws. The team members worked long hours for 12 days painting, and putting new cladding on the outside of the building, putting in doors and decorating. The results were impressive. They also took time to visit other Nazarene churches and enjoy some NZ scenery.

Their visit was a huge encouragement to the Seabrook Church members who are looking forward to having the project completed so that they can enjoy their new sanctuary.

More teams are needed on this project.  If you would like details, follow this link. 

— Submitted: Neville Bartle