Sydney, Australia:  Exciting news was just received this week from the All Nations Media Center (ANMC), located in Sydney, announcing a new agreement for seven hours of weekly airtime on the ABN satellite.  This satellite has a broadcast reach throughout America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Indonesia.  Also, with the use of a special media player machine, listeners can watch it around the world and of course via the internet as well.

Cmprsd Diler_Computer

Diler working in the radio studio.

All Nation Media Centre is an evangelical mission aiming to promote the word of God according to the Bible and preach the message of salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ to all nations, utilizing broadcast (Radio/TV) formats.

cmprsd Diler_AkeelahFounders Diler and Akeela Barazinch have had the vision and passion for preaching the word of God through mass media.  Diler’s personal journey of coming to Faith in Christ was heavily impacted through Christian radio. Even though there are many ethnic groups in Australia, there are very few Christian programs reaching out to these individuals.  On the other end of the spectrum there are many Anti-Christian faiths and contra-Biblical teachings promoted through the media in various languages.

The ANMC promotes Christian principles and teaching of the Holy Bible in various community languages to include (Arabic, Turkish, and Kurdish). In cooperation with the Australian Southern District, Church of the Nazarene, the Baranzinchs have been reaching out to their local and global communities with approximately 11 hours of programming each week on both FM and through internet streamed radio.

Please pray for this new window of opportunity and the future of the All Nations Media Center.   Your gifts to ANMC and World Mission Broadcast are key to the ongoing impact of these life changing ministries!


Submission:  Akeela Barazinch
All the blessings,
Rev. Akeela Barazinch