Bali, Indonesia. From August 21 to 25, academic deans and presidents from Nazarene educational institutes around the Asia-Pacific region all gathered for the second Association of Nazarene Educational System in Bali, Indonesia. Dr. John Moore, the Regional Education Coordinator, organized the event where Dr. Dan Copp (Internation Board of Education Commissioner), Dr. Mark Louw (Regional Director) and Dr. Maggie Bailey (Executive Director of Higher Education Board and Strategy Development in the USA) each gave presentations.

Despite the geographical and cultural differences between the educational institutions, there was still a sense of unity among the delegates. The conference allowed for various voices and ideas to be heard and shared. The meetings discussed and accepted the challenge of modeling discipleship and equipping the currently employed in such a diverse region. Although they acknowledged the trials ahead, the educational leaders were inspired and ready to tackle the future.

“The meeting was overall hopeful in tone,” The Academic Dean of Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary, Dr. Dick Eugenio, stated, “Armed with a radical optimism of grace, the delegates went back to their respective areas of responsibilities with greater passion and conviction of the integral role of theological education in the disciple-making mission of the church.”