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Manila, Philippines: Wednesday October 2nd, was truly a day of new beginnings both in terms of ministry center dedication and a new tradition of appreciation.

The Asia-Pacific Resource Center (APRC), World Mission Communications (WMC-AP), and Nazarene Compassionate Ministries Manila (NCMM), held their first annual Service Awards Banquet after the dedication of the new Joint Ministry Center.

Held in the Cobb Center, the Service Awards Banquet gave the management team the opportunity to truly recognize those who have dedicated their lives to serving with the church in missions.

Awards and recognition were given to those who had served the longest in their respective areas of ministry. It was truly a time of great celebration as families of the award recipients were invited to attend and honored as well.

The management committee is looking forward to this being just the first of many such celebrations to come.

Award Recipients were as follows:


Divina Gracia S. Tia, 14 yrs

Ervin O. Tia, 13 yrs

Manuel Andrew R. Santos, 10 yrs

Priscilla L. Mayshle, 8 yrs

Ma. Dolores V. Cruz, 5 yrs


Dan C. Balayo, 10 yrs

Danilo B. Macabuhay, 10 yrs


Renante M. Anabesa, 7 yrs


Daniel Jim G. Ronquillo, 5 yrs