Amphoe Phan, Thailand:  Monday evening, May 5th, 2014, a 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck Northern Thailand and Myanmar.  News reports are that at least one person has been killed while many were injured.

We have received this recent report from our missionaries in the area:

The 6.2 earthquake was felt last evening while we were in our living room with a young couple from the village. 

The building shook as if the ground was going to melt from under us! We just stayed inside for the first shock, keeping our balance by quickly sitting down, then we ran out of the house. The grinding noise was very loud causing our heads to get dizzy. 

Our house is not too far from a fault line called the Sansai fault line so we had a stronger jolt than in town where Abel ( Lumae’s brother ) lives. 

This morning we are still feeling the after shocks. Some of the after shocks were almost as strong as the first shock waves we felt last night around 6:20pm. 

Abel is reporting that about 90 after shocks have been recorded thus far. 

Looking at the local news last night at 10:00pm, the epic center was at  Amphoe Phan, ChiangRai, north of Phayao towards the Maesuri area. Some of the roads connecting ChiangMai and ChiangRai are being diverted to different routes due to broken roads and bridges. 

As far as casualties, we will know more today.  But damage to infrastructures are seen as severe damage. 

We are safe in ChiangMai. Praise The Lord!

Thank you for your continued prayers for our Nazarenes and Missionaries on the Asia-Pacific Region.