Global Ministry Center: Church of the Nazarene General Secretary David Wilson announced this week that a Calendar of Resolutions from the 2017 General Assembly is now available in English on the General Assembly website,

Preceding the calendar item on the website is the following information about the process for revisions with the 2017-2021 Manual of the Church of the Nazarene:

“According to the General Assembly Rule of Order 16 and Manual paragraph 902.4, any changes to the Manual—which were approved by actions of the 2017 General Assembly—are to be processed now by the 2017 Manual Editing Committee, so amendments to the resolutions will not be posted on this site. When the committee’s work is completed, and when the Board of General Superintendents has declared the 2017-2021 Manual of the Church of the Nazarene to be effective, new Manual language will then be available.”

This calendar shows the action of the General Assembly on each resolution. To access the calendar on the website, select Resources, choose Resolutions, and then click on a language (For a few weeks, this calendar will be available only in English.). Translation of this calendar and the above informational paragraph about revisions to the Manual are in process. When completed, they will be posted to the website under each language group.

Source: NCN News