On December 11-14th, 2017 around 1,300 young people gathered in Lae Papua New Guinea for the 10th Melanesia Nazarene Youth Congress and Crusade (MNYCC).

Young people aged 18 and below

Youth aged 19 and above

A significant thing happened this year because we also had young people from Samoa and Solomon islands that joined us.

The theme for our gathering was “Equipping the Young People to Impact the Future by the Leading of the Holy Spirit.” We believe that this was a time to grow in the faith and by the power of the Holy Spirit, we can be effective in our ministry. Through our gathering, many came to know Christ and surrendered their lives to the Lord.

There are several highlights of our time together:

MNYCC, as it is known today, started in 1993 under the leadership of Rev. Jacob Urri. On our 10th year, we have come back to Lae Province where we first gathered and it was still called NYC.



As we recall the past years of his leadership, it was such a wonderful time to present to him the Timothy award. He is a great encouragement as our National NYI Mentor and his service to the young people in the country and the Asia-Pacific Region has been a good example to us all!

It was an exciting time to have many young people from the country, with some traveling for several days coming from far areas. We made a record this year as delegates coming from one of the remotest areas, Middle Ramu, had 121 young people travel to attend MNYCC!

We hosted the gathering at the 2nd primary University of Papua New Guinea and though it was a challenge not to be able to confirm a location soon enough, this place was given to us the last minute and it was a miracle from God. We give glory to Him!

Though it rained a lot during our time together, we tried to accomplish most of the things in our program. But despite the bad weather, the Lord has done something beautiful in the lives of the young people that surrendered their lives to the Lord.

As our APNYI Regional Coordinator, Janary said, “On the first and second night, the young people’s feet were planted on the campground flooded by the heavy rain that poured in Lae. I was amazed at their strength and endurance. They would travel for days and walk for hours just to be here and hear from God. But the third night was different. A wave of young people surged forward. It was a flood of surrender and tears; Young people gave their all, saying: “Holy Spirit, come and fill us up, and make us more like Jesus!” Through the Holy Spirit, they can impact not only the future but even the here and now!”

Thank you to all of our leaders who have supported the young people and have invested in their lives. Thank you to all who have been praying for us. My hope for the young people of our country and the field is to one day rise up and participate in the Global NYI ministry as they lead locally and think globally, and be the blessing!

-Allan Haunje
PNG NYI Mentor