Nevada, Texas: We are praising God along with George and Nancy Miller as they and 22 of their family members are all safe after a tornado ripped the roof and upstairs off of the family home in which they were celebrating Christmas!

George Miller sent in the following report:

20150822 Miller UpdatePray for our family. We were celebrating the Christmas season with our daughter Gloria when about 8 pm last night (December 26th) a tornado came and tore off the roof and half of the upstairs of their home.  It is so awesome being part of a church family as her pastor and others came and helped last night and friends from church were away for the holidays but opened their home for us to take shelter for the night. 

Everyone was saved as the 24 of us took shelter in a closet.  
The vehicles outside were damaged and one of them totaled.    I’m thankful that the damage to our car was minimal with only window breakage and some other minor damage.  Our son’s van was totaled as it was turned upside down and hit two other cars which will have extensive damage.  Our grandson’s truck is probably totaled. 
We are getting up this morning to go to church, as we have lots to be thankful for this morning.  Some do not have a change of clothes as the room they were staying was blown away.

Praise the Lord, we are safe.

Praise the Lord for his protection in the midst of the storm!