Melanesia Nazarene Bible College, Papua New Guinea:  Diane Chapman, one of our missionaries in Papua New Guinea, happily reported that new water tanks have been installed at their residence.  Each tank can hold around 9,500 litres. These tanks become catch basins of rainwater, supplying the needs for the missionaries and national staff.

“Water is a priceless commodity and it becomes even more special to the people in the community because it is scarce,” shared Chapman.  Diane went on to share that in one instance there was no rain for ten days and supplies were getting very low, then when it finally poured, the tanks were filled just below the third line in just a very short time.

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Diane is very thankful for the generosity of everyone who continues to give to the World Evangelism Fund.  These tanks, providing such a basic need as life-giving water throughout the community, are just one example of impacts being made that are often overlooked.

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This story of thanksgiving is a living testimony of God’s goodness through His people.  Thank you for your continued partnership with the World Evangelism Fund.  In this one example, you are helping to provide living water, so that our missionaries can continue to introduce those in the community to the source of living water!


 – Submitted: Diane Chapman