Manila, Philippines: World Mission Communications Asia-Pacific (WMC AP) is delighted to welcome their new web developer, John Carlo Garcia, the newest addition to the New Media Team.

The Web Developer position has been unfilled for quite some time, and WMC AP has been fervently praying for God to send them the right person to be part of the team. The job opening was advertised through various media channels and many candidates were interviewed. Despite this, the team encountered difficulties in finding that right person for the job.

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Finally, after a year of searching and praying, John Carlo was hired in late June through God-appointed circumstances.

John Carlo chanced upon the opportunity through a Facebook post of the job vacancy a few months ago, where one of his co-church members tagged his profile. His co-church member felt he would be the right person for the job, and encouraged him to send his application. He did not consider it at first until a few weeks later, when their church was visited by WMC members Ervz and Grace Tia.

The couple was there for a church visit only, and was surprised to meet John Carlo. They had been wondering who the tagged person on the Facebook job vacancy post was, and were astonished to find him unexpectedly there. Ervz and Grace felt that the meeting was God-appointed, and urged him to send his application. And as the saying goes, the rest is history.


John Carlo, or Jaycee, as people fondly call him, graduated with a degree in Associate Networking and Telecommunications Technology. He has worked with various companies that specialize in his field of study. Prior to joining the team, he was a freelance front-end developer, illustrator and graphic designer.

Jaycee is also active in various ministries at the First Church of the Nazarene in Angeles City, Pampanga. He is currently with the church’s newly formed Media Team as a sound technician, working on the installation, maintenance and safekeeping of the new sound equipment.  He is also a talented musician, serving as the lead guitarist, bass and drums player in the church’s Praise and Worship Team.

Furthermore, Jaycee is also part of of the Filbata Student Center Project (SCP) – a partnership of the church and Compassion International, where he graduated as a sponsored child. He now teaches the Shalom Curriculum every Saturday to the youth ages 15-18.

All these things he is continuously doing, even if it means traveling 3 hours from Rizal to Pampanga on Friday and braving the city traffic again from Pampanga back to Rizal on Sunday, in time for work on Monday. Now that’s commitment!

WMC AP is truly grateful to have Jaycee as part of the team. Jaycee, on the other hand, has these short but sweet words to say: He is “blessed beyond measure.”