Tonga: Urgent prayer is requested for Tonga.

On Saturday, 14 January 2022, an eruption of an underwater volcano near the Pacific country of Tonga triggered tsunami waves across the island and its neighboring countries.

Communications and power have been disrupted. So it is challenging to get an update or report on the extent of the damage of the disaster.

Please pray:

  • For missionaries – Rev. In-Kwon Kim, his wife Jeong-Seok, Kim, and their son – David. They have been operating The Mango Tree Respite Center in Tonga. Rev. Kafoa Muaror, Field Strategy Coordinator for Melanesia/South Pacific shared that they have been trying to contact the family but to no avail.
  • For the safety of the 80 families that The Mango Tree Respite Center has been serving especially the persons with disabilities and are sick. Moving them will be a huge challenge.
  • For the members and the churches who were affected by the disaster. Currently, the Melanesia/South Pacific field is still gathering information on the true extent of the damage.
  • For safety and protection of the people of Tonga and the neighboring countries in the South Pacific.