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New Zealand: Prayer Partners around the globe – thank you for praying! We just recently received the following update from the New Zealand District Superintendent, Dr. Neville Bartle:

“The earthquake in NZ happened in a very rural part of New Zealand and has disrupted roads and railways.  The town of Kaikoura has been largely cut off because of rock falls on roads.
The recovery required the NZ Army, bulldozers and heavy equipment rather than volunteers with shovels, spades and bottles of water. The cost of repairs will come to billions of dollars.
The damage in Wellington was primarily structural damage to high rise office buildings.  Again it requires engineers and specialist equipment.  
We appreciate people’s prayerful concern for the Church in NZ.  Pray that these earthquakes will awaken New Zealanders  who are spiritually complacent.  May they realise that life is uncertain and unpredictable but that God loves them and wants them to have a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.”

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Thank you for your continued prayers for New Zealand, for the Church, and for those responding to the needs.

— Feature Photo Credit: (Mark Mitchell/New Zealand Herald/Pool via AP)