This 3-part video series about missions and missionaries. Surprisingly, despite the fact that the Church has been sending missionaries for centuries, and probably many of you know and support your own local missionaries, they are also misunderstood and their lives often go unseen.

Misconceptions about missionaries are common. People usually imagine them as the stereotype of a colonial European, living in a jungle to preach to tribal people. In these videos, we want to bring people past that stereotype. Get them up to date with the reality of missionaries now. To do that, we’ve interviewed 6 missionaries who have a large range of experience. Missionaries on a mission from just a couple of years to over 4 decades of service. Their stories and insights give us an in-depth view of a world that most people never really think about.

Part 1: Unseen Side of Missionary Life.

In it, we asked missionaries to share about joys and challenges they’ve gone through that they can’t share while presenting in churches.

Part 2: Unseen Ways that Missions have Changed.

This video shares a bigger picture, looking at the ways that missionaries have done their work in different centuries and comparing that to how they work now.

Part 3: Unseen Help that Missionaries Need.

This final part shares ways that you can fully support a missionary beyond just financial offerings. As mission work and missionaries have changed, so has the support that they need.

Missionaries are serving in roles and places that are becoming increasingly complex and their very job title requires them to live a life that is un-relatable to most people. Because of that missionaries have to go above and beyond to be understood. This video series will hopefully make that a little easier.