Resources: The Church of the Nazarene’s Stories DVD series connects churches around the world through the personal accounts of Nazarenes from diverse backgrounds.

This resource, formerly known as the World Mission DVD, is delivered three times a year through an email newsletter. The videos are a collaborative effort between regional communications offices and Global Ministry Center communications personnel and are available to view or download online at

Volume 2- 2016

Sharing the Gospel for Generations

Hear the inspiring origin story of the San Juan Chamelco Church of the Nazarene, one of the oldest Nazarene churches in Guatemala. Church members explain how they survived persecution to grow the church.

God Will Provide

Pastor Valeri Munelski tells how his congregation in Montana, Bulgaria, was blessed in a way they never imagined possible, especially in a city opposed to Christianity.

A God of Miracles

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Brazil native Silvia Rodrigues recounts her near-death experience that led to the miracle of healing and a life of hope in the Lord.

A Love Story for Us All

Christine Hung shares how a Bible study at her church in California, USA, brought unique renewal and spiritual vitality to a diverse group of believers.

Salt & Light

Sam Tamayo explains how he returned to God after experiencing a near-fatal accident and the death of his father. Sam now uses motocross as a ministry to reach others in the Philippines for the Kingdom.

Prepare the Way: The Church

Pastors and church leaders talk about how to be the church Jesus wants and how that is demonstrated in their ministries throughout the Africa Region.

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