Thailand: Let us all lift Thailand in prayer, as citizens participate in a very important political event this coming weekend.

The repercussions of this event are considered critical to the economic and political conditions of the nation. With this in mind, the country has imposed stricter security measures to ensure that the event will go smoothly and peacefully. While violence is not expected, gatherings and demonstrations that are intended to be peaceful might turn confrontational and escalate. Citizens and tourists are advised to stay alert and exercise caution. They are asked to avoid areas where there are protest events, large gatherings or security operations. Instructions and restrictions issued by the local authorities must be strictly followed.

Please pray that the event will be peaceful, and its result would lead to the betterment of Thailand. May God guide and give wisdom to the participants as they make life-changing decisions that will shape their nation’s future. May they be instruments of peace and compassion during this time of uncertainty. Pray for the protection of everyone- citizens and tourists alike.

Update as of 10-August:

Praise God for his protective love! Our representatives from Thailand happily shared that the event turned out peaceful. The result from the event that the nation hoped for was achieved. Succeeding events geared to further solidify the country’s political direction are well under way. Thank you for praying with us!