Creative Access Areas Field: The next two weeks is going to be critical for one of our missionaries, and he is praying that we lift him up in prayer.

asia-pacific-mapHe will be teaching the Doctrine of Holiness course to a group of students in a region where he has been spreading the Word for quite some time. The team is also welcoming newcomers to the teaching session, and what started as a very small group has now grown into a class of close to 25 attendees!

The missionary also shared that he will use a different style of teaching to the students, where his approach is going to be more spiritual than academic. He plans to discuss and impart teachings that touch on the spiritual, biblical and practical sides of life in the fullness of the Spirit. However,  the missionary feels that God is redirecting him to focus more on the students’ souls, for them to cleanse their will, minds and emotions.

The teaching in the coming weeks will be an important turning point in the students’ faith in God. The missionary will discuss topics that will make them look deeper into themselves.

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Prayer Requests:

Let us pray for the participants’ spiritual breakthrough, that they may finally find and accept Jesus in their hearts.

The missionary is asking us to pray for him also. It has been a challenging journey for him, trying to reach out to the students. May God give him wisdom to discern His plans and follow them without fear and hesitation.  May the missionary be filled with the Holy Spirit, and be given the strength to lead the students to the path of Christ.

– Creative Access Field Missionary