Southeast Asia:  Team members in SE Asia are requesting urgent prayer.   They are struggling today  after having their passports stolen just hours ago. They are to leave for Home Assignment this evening and getting their passports re-issued is very difficult in a short time frame. Pray they are able to get their passports in time so that they can leave as planned.  Pray that despite what happens, God will continue to give them peace.

May the Lord help them!

Thank you for your partnership in prayer.

23-June-2016 Update

We have received the following update from the team members:

“A little update – we were able to get our emergency passports this morning – and our visas are being processed – if all goes well, we will be able to leave tonight – just 24 hours off schedule! Thanks be to God, and thanks to everyone who is joining us in this journey through prayer!”

Praise God for answered prayer!  Please continue to pray for this couple, the Visa processing, and their safe return to their sending country.

24-June-2016 Update from their social media page

Passports – check! Exit visa – check! Tickets – check! Packing…. six more hours….

Thank you for praying them through this, what is very difficult for man, is simple for God!