Andy and Judy Bennet (on right) with                            John and Linda Seaman (on left)

Kudjip, Papua New Guinea: The passports of missionaries Andy and Judy Bennett have been stolen along with a laptop belonging to the mission at Kudjip, Papua New Guinea. Andy says, “Occasionally thieves here have been known to contact the owner of stolen property and offer its return for a “reward.”

Pray for the Bennetts who had recently received new passports and now will have to start the entire process over. Pray also that the person who stole the passports and laptop will be impressed to return what they took and that good will come out of the incident.

So far they have not been returned and they are now in the process of obtaining new ones.  Please pray that the new passports will be ready in time for their scheduled travel on March 21.

from Prayer Mobilization Line

***Update 3 March 2017***

Judy writes:

No news on the passports. All the paperwork is submitted. Andy’s should be ready next week. My Canadian will be longer! We’re praying it will be ready so I can travel with Andy. So nothing yet. I do praise the Lord for the peace he’s given me about this situation.

Please continue to pray with them that both passports will arrive in time for the scheduled travel!  God hears and answers!

*** Update- 17 March 2017 ***

Praise God! We just received word that Andy & Judy have finally received their passports, and are now able to travel as scheduled!

Thank you so much for your prayers! God truly hears and answers!