Indonesia Nazarene Theological College held a Nazarene Ministry Orientation Week on 23-25 October 2023, with the goal of providing ministry and service opportunities within the Church of the Nazarene for the students of INTC.

During the event, students gain a deeper understanding of the Nazarene identity, Core Values, the Church of The Nazarene as a denomination, and the church Manual. This approach was designed to provide students not only with academic knowledge about the church but also to help them understand the context of the Church Of The Nazarene ministry within the Sealands Field and the districts.

The students also receive information about how to become a member of the Church Of The Nazarene and how to serve as licensed ministers and ordained pastors. The District Superintendent also presented ministry opportunities and needs that are present in their districts and local churches.

The Church of the Nazarene in Sealands Field and INTC aim to prepare students to be Christlike disciples, enabling them to teach and prepare them for ministry roles even after their college graduation.

On 7 November 2023, the school will have its graduation ceremony. There will be 12 graduates for Bachelor of Theology and 7 for Christian Religious Education and Bachelor of Education. The hope is that these graduating students can join and serve faithfully in the Church Of The Nazarene.