Manila, Philippines:  Update on Audrey Riggins’ Surgery.

The Asia-Pacific Region is praising God for the successful outcome of Audrey Riggins’ heart surgery.  See the following report from Scot and Jill Riggins.

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We are praising the Lord today because Audrey came through her procedure successfully on March 10th, and the PDA is now closed!! All went smoothly and she was discharged from the hospital on the afternoon of March 13th. We are also thankful that it is no longer a health ‘risk’, meaning it won’t affect her ability to get insurance, etc. We should begin to see some great differences in Audrey’s weight gain, in her stamina, and in her overall physical health. She already seems to be more alert and active, as she stepped up onto a stool today! The enlargement of the heart that we had seen should go down on its own over time.

Audrey had a low red blood cell count, and came out of the procedure a bit anemic. She will be taking iron supplements for a month so that we can avoid a blood transfusion. We will follow up with the cardiologist in a week, and then in a month we will do a repeat echo to make sure everything still looks good. We’ll also have a blood test then to check the iron level in her blood.

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Audrey won’t be going to therapy this next week until we have the first follow-up appointment. Since the following week is Holy Week, the therapy facility will be closed, which means we won’t have to drive into the city for the next two weeks!

We are thankful to the Lord for His healing touch on Audrey, and we are thankful for hundreds of people around the world who have prayed for her, and for us!

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