Australia, ANZ Field: Less than two months ago, we received a prayer request from Rev. Kim Jong-Il, a missionary working with central desert Aboriginal Communities in Australia. He was scheduled to hold a five-day Easter Conference in Blackstone, where he planned to show the JESUS Film, conduct bible studies and distribute Papyrus Audio Book Players to the community.


Rev. Jong-Il happily shared with us updates on his Australia aboriginal mission:

We continue to share God’s Word and pray for the Aboriginal communities. The Kununurra Bethel Community is making an impact.  One of their projects is looking after single mothers. There is also a Children’s Church every Thursday, where around 60 kids participate through Bible study and games.

Kim Jong-Il and his "future pastor".

Rev. Kim Jong-Il and his “future pastor”.

Members from our Korea Nazarene Church family recently visited our Aboriginal Christian College and had a great time building friendships.

In Broome, Brother Stewart and his wife Anna continue their leadership training in anticipation of the Kennedy Hill Aboriginal Community Church planting to take place in the near future.

We praise God for your prayers and partnership as many obstacles have been overcome. Through the work of the Holy Spirit and your commitment to pray, a revival was sparked during our recent Blackstone Easter Convention and 30 Aboriginal children and 6 adults committed their lives to the Lord.  The Papyrus Solar Audio Players will be instrumental in ongoing discipleship.

One of the locals in Blackstone Aboriginal Community and his Papyrus Audio Bible.

One of the locals in Blackstone Aboriginal Community and his Papyrus Audio Bible.

Papyrus Solar Audio Players helping to take the Gospel beyond borders and barriers.

Families living in the desert were engaged through outreach programs. Together with the Aboriginal tribal elders, the Blackstone Community Church was established in a new outdoor structure, where we can hold bible teaching and leadership training.

Rev. Jong-il (first from left) and his family.

Rev. Jong-il (first from left) and his family.

Indeed, God has been at work in and amongst the Aboriginal communities in Australia.   We are so very appreciative of your prayers, partnership, and the commitment of those who continue to minister together, serving as the tangible hands and feet of Christ in these communities.

Prayer Request:

Please continue to pray for Rev. Jong-Il and these specific prayer requests that he has listed.

  1. Winston Mitchell as he guides the Blackstone Church as a new Pastor and for his family, that they would remain faithful to the Lord.
  2. The Aboriginal communities of Looma, Kununurra, Perth, Halls Creek and Blackstone.
  3. Children’s Discipleship and Leadership Training.
  4. Family Spiritual Formation and God’s will for the Aboriginal Ministry.

—- Submitted: Kim Jong-Il