Taiwan:  On Wednesday, July 27th, 2016, fire broke out in the second story office area of the New City Church of the Nazarene in Metro Kaohsiung, Taiwan, pastored by Zhu Shanshan (Esther).  The preliminary investigation indicates that the fire most likely started in an electrical device.

We are praising God that no one was hurt in the fire.  Clean up is underway as the church comes together to salvage what they can and begin making repairs.

Video of the fire and recovery from New City Church.

Kaohsiung TaiwanThe office equipment was badly damaged and the second floor sustained significant smoke damage.  Water from the sprinkler system, while extinguishing the fire, caused significant water damage to  much of the building and contents.

Please pray for our brothers and sisters as they work hard to clean up the building and salvage as much as they can.  Pray for unity as they move forward and continue to be a light for Christ in this city.