Papua New Guinea: A short flight out of Australia into the South Pacific lies Papua New Guinea. It is a tropical island boasting some of the greatest linguistic, cultural, and ecological diversity in the world. The low-lying coastline quickly gives way to the rugged mountainous terrain of the highlands. The majority of the country’s population farm as a way of life.

Tucked into the highlands of Kudjip, Papua New Guinea is the Nazarene General Hospital. This busy medical facility provides physical and spiritual care to the 500,000 people of the Jiwaka province. Aside from NGH, the Kudjip mission station also houses the administrative offices for the Melanesia/South Pacific Field.  Working alongside the hundred PNG national staff are 15-20 missionary families. Together, they ensure that these two vital ministries continue to function well.

One critical aspect of this mission is providing education to the missionary kids (MKs). These MKs need to maintain a standard of education similar to their US-based peers even while living and serving overseas. The Kudjip MK Elementary School is urgently seeking teachers to come and join the missions community in Papua New Guinea! Currently, the school serves 7 MKs from grades one to five. This number is expected to double in the next academic year as younger children begin 1st grade and two families move to PNG.

The elementary school uses a US-based, literature-rich curriculum, books, and supplies provided by the parents. This allows the teachers to focus simply on the day-to-day teaching. The academic year runs from mid-August to the beginning of June. Arrival at the beginning of August is ideal to give the teacher time to adjust and settle in before the start of the school year.

As with any expatriate missions involvement, living and serving in a cross-cultural setting such as in PNG brings challenges, a different way of life, and a departure from the familiar. However it also provides an opportunity to serve alongside a missionary community that is passionate about reaching the underserved, to sow into the lives of children growing up in that community, and to witness the beauty of the Gospel lived out in another culture.

If you think God may be calling you to join and serve in this capacity or have questions about this position, you may contact Dave Hane – Asia-Pacific Regional Personnel Coordinator and Rachel Thompson – Kudjip MK Elementary school Facilitator for more information.

Kudjip is an awesome place to call home. It’s about 75 degrees all year round and has some good rain and tons of plants, insects, and birds. The colorful birds are like choirs singing songs of joy. There are flowers from red to gold, and mountains scraping the ocean blue sky. Papua New Guinea is the best place on earth to live.” (Fourth-grade student growing up at Kudjip)

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Written by Esther Crouch (Missionary serving at Kudjip Nazarene Hospital)