Resources: Even if you are not able to attend the 29th General Assembly and Conventions, you can play an important role.

Many delegates from outside the U.S. who attend the Church of the Nazarene’s General Assembly and Conventions are not accustomed to air conditioning and remain uncomfortable throughout the week’s meetings and services in the chilly convention halls.

To combat this, free shawls will be offered once again at the event. This is a great project for Sunday school classes, youth groups, or entire congregations, and no donation is too small. If you knit, crochet, or sew, a homemade shawl will be an important contribution.

Below are recently asked questions and additional details.

Q: What size and type of shawl is needed?

A: One-size-fits-all wrap-around or poncho styles are both acceptable. Arrangement staffs are looking for something that provides an additional layer of warmth for shoulders and arms.

Q: What type of materials can be used for the shawls?  

A: Cotton, wool, synthetics, and fleece are all acceptable.

Q: Can the shawls be shipped in one box?  

A: Yes, however, within the box the shawls should be individually packaged in two-gallon Ziploc bags for easy distribution.

Q: What date are the shawls needed?  

A: Shawls should be sent by June 2 to the General Assembly Local Arrangements address (see below for details). This will allow time to organize and prepare for distribution.

Q: If I am coming to General Assembly, can I bring the shawls with me then? 

A: The Arrangements staff prefers to receive shawls prior to the event, but will accept them on site on Tuesday, June 20, in the Delegate Information Center (Wabash Ballroom).

Shawl donations, individually packaged in a two-gallon Ziploc bag, should be sent by June 2 to:

General Assembly Shawl Project

c/o Rev. Max Downs

120 W. Branigin Road

Franklin, IN 46131

For more information on the 29th General Assembly and Conventions, visit