Nineteen students at Chapman Institute of Theology (CIT, Thailand) received Lay Ministry Certificates at Bangkok Church of the Nazarene on Sunday, March 7, 2021. Sixteen of these students gathered amid 36 guests and nine faculty and college officers observing social distancing inside the church while approximately ten others sat outside viewing by a television monitor.  More than 200 guests viewed the ceremony through a Facebook Live broadcast.  While this was not the first Facebook Live service from the Bangkok church, this event launched the birth of the Bangkok Nazarene “Media Team” composed of 9 youth uniting from 3 local churches to serve together using their individual giftings, which added technological features not used before from the local church video-casting.  A nearly seamless production for their first event included a video message shared from Northeast Thailand by the newly appointed DS Prasan Tongsumart, a live charge to the students from Rev. Siripawn Malagul, Nazarene pastor and instructor from Northern Thailand, and a Burmese Nazarene student speech translated by a Bangkok Nazarene church member.  Special music was provided by Maesa, the translator’s 8-year-old daughter, who sang “In the Name of Jesus” in English.  Lay Ministry graduates ranged in age from 32 to more than 70.  Most of them desire to continue to study to complete the requirements for the Diploma of Ministry.  All these students are studying in the Chapman Institute of Theology online program.


CIT Bangkok graduates of 2020

Pastor Phanom praying for the graduates

Dr. Kwon speaking to the graduates.


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