Manila, Philippines: Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary (APNTS) is very happy to welcome Dr. Phillip and Rebecca Davis, their newest members of the faculty.

davis_pbDr. Phil and Becky, as they are fondly called, have been missionaries for 16 years, 12 years of which were spent outside the United States, their home country. The couple lived in Sacramento, California, where they helped pastor a church that started with 50 people. When they left the church has grown amazingly into a group of 300  members.

Dr. Phil graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Biblical Literature in Azusa Pacific University in California. He then moved forward and completed his Master’s Degree in Biblical Studies in Fuller Theological Seminary. Last year, he finished magna cum laude on his Doctoral Studies in French post-modern philosophy at KU Leuven in Belgium.

Becky, on the other hand, teaches music and actively participates in  the church choir. She and Dr. Phil have always been a team; in Sacramento he directed the church choir while Becky was their pianist. When they were in Leuven Becky had the chance to direct the church choir there.

Their call to missions took them to different places all over the world. They spent time in Suriname in South America, where Dr. Phil taught Bible school and helped set-up 5 churches in the jungle. He saw that the people were hungry for learning, this motivated him to reach out, train and disciple them. He even shared the story of one of his students who would work through any scrap of information that he got, which broke his heart. Dr. Phil thought, “Here is a man that will use anything that is given to him but he has so little available. What can I do to help teach this man?”

While in Belgium studying at KU Leuven, Dr. Phil also did some translations from Dutch to English.  This provided the couple financial opportunity as the university provided monetary support.

Prior to coming to the Philippines, Dr. Phil and Becky stayed in the US for a year, raising funds and deciding where their next designation will be. They were given three options, and out of the three it was their assignment to APNTS in the Philippines that made the most sense. The responsibility offered to Dr. Phil in APNTS will give him a chance to use his training in doctoral research.

Dr. Phil and Becky, first and second from right, praying with APRC, WMC and PFO.

Dr. Phil and Becky praying with the team before enjoying the welcome lunch for the missionaries.

Dr. Phil will teach contextual theology, which answers questions like , “how do we think about our faith in the world where we see lots and lots of difference? What did Wesley teach and how can he help us share the good news in this radically different world we’re living in?” Meanwhile, Becky will teach music to the seminarians.

When asked what keeps them going and why they continue being missionaries, Dr. Phil had this to say:

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The Asia-Pacific Region is truly blessed to have the couple who have so much to share. Let us continue to pray for them, that they may not get tired of responding to God’s calling, wherever and whatever it may be.

-Submitted by: Terence Lustaña