South Korea:  On November 15, 2017, a  5.4 magnitude earthquake broke out in South Korea, damaging infrastructures and houses, injured dozens of people and left about 1500 people homeless.

According to the Korea Weather Service Office, it was the second-strongest earthquake that hit the country in decades.  Continued aftershocks are experienced in the coastal region around the port city of Po-hang.

The earthquake also forced the Ministry of Education of South Korea to delay a major university exam, where many of our missionary kids are studying.

A local church leader of Gyeongsang-do Zone reported that Po-hang Segero Church of the Nazarene was affected, leaving the concrete walls with multiple cracks and holes.

Please continue to pray for the affected families, students and for the restoration of the church building of Po-hang Segero Church of the Nazarene.

Source: Korea Nazarene District Website