Thailand:  We received an urgent prayer request from Lisa Lehman, one of our team members serving in Thailand.

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She writes: Please join me in prayer for my mom today.  She has been recovering slowly from some medical procedures done a month ago, but this week she has been having intense abdominal pain that has not responded to medication, even through IV morphine.

I just learned that she had been in and out of the ER since Tuesday. She is now admitted to the hospital, but doctors still don’t know what to do.  She has complicated health issues, but we need to pray that God reveals to the doctors the hidden cause of her pain. Please pray that she will watch God’s hand which is not too short, working in miraculous response to her cries and to the prayers of God’s people.  I’m reminded to pray with Jehoshaphat once again—“Lord, we don’t know what to do, but our eyes are on You.  This battle is the Lord’s.”  He will be victorious as we stand together in prayer.

Your prayers are very much appreciated.


The following update was received from Lisa,

I just spoke with my mom and learned that today (Thanksgiving Day there) she has been able to eat regular food for the first time since her recent illness.  We do praise the Lord for full healing that is now evident!  And I thank each of you for standing with me in prayer during these days.

Thanking and Praising the Lord together,