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Container of Hope on its way…Please Pray!

Papua New Guinea:  Nazarene Hospital Foundation just announced that yet another 20' container of hope has been loaded on Wednesday,… Read More
Out of Reach…Everyone Needs a Watchman… Pray That God Will Provide!

[caption id="attachment_12076" align="alignright" width="300"] Muddy, difficult roads in the highlands of Papua New Guinea.[/caption] Kudjip Nazarene Hospital: The Highlands of… Read More
Doctor Makes First Visit to New Clinic in Remote Highlands of Papua New Guinea!

[caption id="attachment_11859" align="alignright" width="300"] Flying over the highlands of Papua New Guinea from Mount Hagen to Dusin airstrip.[/caption] Papua New… Read More
Some Are Called to Go… Some Are Called to Send. A Partnership Highlight!

Papua New Guinea (PNG):  Kudjip Nazarene Hospital is the only remaining hospital in the Church of the Nazarene.  Our hospital… Read More
The Magistrate’s Son…Meets Jesus

Nazarene Hospital, Papua New Guinea:  Robert lay on a bed in the surgical ward of Nazarene Hospital at Kudjip, in… Read More
You Shared Scripture and Prayed for Me…and I was Healed!!

[caption id="attachment_2512" align="alignright" width="300"] Entrance to the Kudjip Hospital in Papua New Guinea.[/caption] Kudjip, Papua New Guinea: Chaplain Moses Munda… Read More
Medical Supply Shortage in PNG – Prayers Answered!

Kudjip Nazarene Hospital: You may recall back on December 5th, of last year, when a story and prayer request was… Read More
A Short Gift of Time…

Kudjip Nazarene Hospital:  He was 18. He was a strong, muscular young man, who had his whole life in front… Read More
Bad Accident…But God-Ordained Outcome!

[caption id="attachment_10628" align="alignright" width="225"] A baby bilum outside the church[/caption] Papua New Guinea (PNG):  Tui is 18 months old and… Read More
Be the Face of Love in Kudjip…a Chance To Submit A Personal Greeting!

Nazarene Health Ministries:  Many of you know that the Nazarene Hospital in Kudjip, Papua New Guinea,  only runs at the… Read More
Nazarene Health Ministries Requests Prayer for Possible Looming Financial Situation

Papua New Guinea (PNG):  Please pray for Nazarene Health Ministries in Papua New Guinea. [caption id="attachment_10254" align="alignright" width="200"] Rural Health… Read More

Kudjip Nazarene Hospital, Papua New Guinea (PNG):   Dr. Erin Meier is one of our long-term mission doctors serving at Kudjip… Read More
The Power of the Sun in Sharing the Message of the Son – the Saga Continues!

Highlands of Papua New Guinea:  Just what are the team members of the Rural Health Division of the Nazarene Health Services… Read More
Thirty Years as Missionary Surgeon, Reflecting on God’s Power, Provision, and Protection!

[caption id="attachment_5276" align="alignright" width="251"] Jim and Kathy Radcliffe, 30 years of service and counting... the blessings of the Lord![/caption] Nazarene… Read More
Signs of Peace…The Power of Prayer in Papua New Guinea!

Kudjip Nazarene Hospital, PNG:  God is truly answering prayer in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea! Urgent Prayer Request -… Read More
Tentative Calm in Highlands of PNG. Please Keep Praying!

Kudjip Nazarene Mission Station, PNG:  Thank you for your continued prayers for the situation in the Highlands of Papua New… Read More
Urgent Prayer Request – Tribal Dispute North of Kudjip Mission Station – Papua New Guinea.

Kudjip Nazarene Mission Station, Papua New Guinea:   Please be praying for the effects of a tribal fight taking place in the area north… Read More
Only God Knew What the Students and Staff Would Do In the Midst of This Drought!!

Kudjip Mission Station, Papua New Guinea:  Over the past few weeks we have been reporting about how the drought in… Read More
A Very Special House Call…With The Holy Spirit!

Nazarene Hospital, Kujip, Papua New Guinea: Recently, missionary Karla Deuel found herself headed into a village as part of a very… Read More
Updated Praise Report for Missionary Doctor from PNG!

Kudjip Nazarene Hospital, Papua New Guinea:   We have recently received an update from Dr. Erin Meier, missionary doctor to… Read More
Praise Report! Missionary Doctor from PNG Undergoes Surgery

Kudjip Nazarene Hospital, Papua New Guinea:  We are praising God for the successful outcome of surgery for Dr. Erin Meier. [caption… Read More
Update on the Power of the Sun in Sharing the Message of the Son!

Highlands of Papua New Guinea:  Back in April of 2015, we reported on the excitement in the highlands as the Rural… Read More
What Happens When the Healer Needs Healing? God Provides…This Time Through an Olivet Nazarene University Team.

Kudjip, Papua New Guinea:  For the past 30 years these hands have been the hands that have provided healing to… Read More
Making Christlike Disciples Starts At Home…Nazarene Health Ministries Holds First Ever Spiritual Life Staff Retreat.

Kudjip, Papua New Guinea:  Nazarene Health Ministries (NHM) is making a significant Kingdom Impact throughout the highlands of Papua New… Read More

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