Karen State, Myanmar:  South East Asia Nazarene Bible College (SEANBC) is truly embracing their mission of extending theological education across the nations!  The college just announced the commencement of its first Extension Program in Karen State, Myanmar.

The program is headed by SEANBC overall academic dean Ptr. Dinga and Yangon campus dean of students Ptr. Enkawla, who are together teaching two courses.

Students in the Course of Study come from 8am to 4pm.

Students in the Course of Study come from 8am to 4pm.

There is tremendous energy as students from four local villages are taking advantage of this further theological training and have committed to the pastoral Course of Study (COS) leading to ordination.  Theological education is just part of what is happening, as after the classes, which are held from 8am to 4pm, Pastors Dinga and Enkwala visit neighbors and hold prayer in their homes.

SEANBC is anticipating more classes and attendees as the program continues. Aside from the COS, the principals also had the opportunity to preach in local churches and lead Sunday worship service. Group songs and children’s bible recitation were among the activities during this fellowship. They also had the opportunity to go to the site of a house that recently burned in order to bless the family and cast out the evil atmosphere surrounding them, signifying God’s almighty power. Ptr. Dinga and Ptr. Enkwala prayed for the families and proclaimed God’s victory in the area.

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COS - Karen StateIndeed, the Extension program has provided more chances to serve Him, reach out and disciple communities. All of this is falling into place because of your prayers. Please continue to pray for the success of the program, and for the Holy Spirit to guide our team members as they carry on with what God has been calling them to do.

-Submitted by: Ptr. Dinga