Kudjip, Papua New Guinea:  The mission of Nazarene Health Ministries (NHM) is not just to save lives through physical cure; they strongly believe spiritual healing is equally important as well.

NHM has been continuously providing medical care and discipling their staff and patients. Through this, many people have come to know God and accepted Him in their hearts. Some are fortunate to have communities and families who are with them in their faith, but what happens to the people who have little or no social support?


NHM decided to provide faith encouragement and focus on spiritual formation. This endeavor started by holding the first ever NHM Spiritual Life Staff Retreat,  with plans of having it on a regular basis. They have also increased their emphasis on staff and patient devotions.

In August, NHM will offer a hospital evangelism course to help their staff share the love of God more clearly with interested patients. More staff, students and doctors want to be more involved in church growth and discipleship.

NHM’s new discipleship model is very much supported by the staff, students and doctors, who want to become more involved in the different activities. On Sundays, they plan to go out to different areas in Papua New Guinea, initially for patient follow-up. Eventually, when there is no patient follow-up, they will still continue their weekly visits so that it becomes part of the communities’ systems. They are praying that this will become a regular activity that the staff could participate in, aside from their church obligations.

Other discipleship opportunities that were identified were as follows:

  1. Strengthening churches that a number of NHM staff have already planted.
  2. Regular visits to Barawagi prison.
  3. Jesus Film showing to Nazarene College of Nursing students, and chaplains to preach at various churches in the surrounding area.
  4. Local follow-up from people who have found their faith and have given their lives to the Lord.

NHM believes that among the many activities that they have planned, the regular Sunday visits and the evangelism course offering will make the most Kingdom Impact.

Let us continue to pray for NHM. May their new discipleship model give them more chances to interact with patients at a more personal level, identifying their needs and sharing about God  and His love.

—- Submitted:  Nazarene Health Ministries