20140307 Visama Pastor Dies


Nausori, Fiji: Hearts are heavy here on the Asia-Pacific Region as news has been received from Fiji regarding the tragic loss of one of our Nazarene Pastors and his granddaughter.

Pastor Jovesa Rabativesi (54 years old), who pastored our Visama Church of the Nazarene at Nausori, Fiji, and his granddaughter Alena Grace (5 years old), died on Friday, February 28th, 2014, after falling while attempting to cross a small, flooded river.  

According to District Superintendent Rev. Kafoa Muaror, Pastor Jovesa was a very active, committed and hard working brother.  He was always passionate for lost souls, a brother who was dedicated to prayer, fasting, and the word.

Pastor Jovesa is survived by his wife Mrs. Timaima Rabativesi and two daughters, Siteri and Vani.  Funeral services are planned for Saturday, March 8th, 2014.

We ask for your prayers for his wife, children, and members of the church.   We are praising and thanking God for Pastor Jovesa’s life and ministry.