Suva, Fiji:  On June 27-31, 15 students participated in the first class of the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Bachelor of Ministry Program (CALD).

New Pilot Program “CALD” Launched from NTC Brisbane.

The class began as a five-day intensive and will continue with two more intensive class sessions, August 29 and October 17.   Dr. Dean Smith, lecturer in Theology and Ethics at Nazarene Theological College – Brisbane (NTC), was the professor who delivered the course content via video conference from Brisbane.

FijiMapDr. Bruce Allder, program director, travelled to Suva, Fiji, and facilitated this first class in conjunction with Mrs. Leilani Roqara,  Principal of South Pacific Nazarene Theological College.  The course was held in a newly developed classroom, which was updated to facilitate video conferencing and training.

“This [CALD program] will provide students with a fully accredited Bachelor degree,” said Allder.  “The program is in English and does require access to the internet at certain times through the program.  However, the program can be delivered in context and at much reduced fee.”

The CALD program is a high quality undergraduate degree that Nazarene Theological College – Brisbane (NTC), provides as a member institute of the Sydney College of Divinity. This is an innovative approach to education offered outside of Australia.

The strengths of the program include its financial accessibility, the intentional acknowledgement of culturally diverse ways in which quality education can be delivered, and the flexibility of an “on-line” method of delivery.

NTC is committed to offering an education that will equip for a life time of personal development and service in Christian ministry.