Suva, Fiji: From 31 December 2022 to 1 January 2023, Fiji NYI gathered to celebrate the New Year at the Fiji District Center. Gathering at this juncture had been at play for Fiji youths for some years. It countered the usual end-of-year celebrations of fireworks and nightlife and allowed for a more meaningful time of reflection, celebration, and preparation for the coming new year.

The youth rally offered workshops on Building Self-esteem and Importance and Difference of Effective Leadership and Communication. These workshops were led by Rev. Rupeni Fatiaki and Pastor Palinda Kaitu’u. There were also teambuilding games and celebration with food and fellowship. The youth groups from each local church wore the same color to assist with various activities that were set for the day.

Fiji NYI Committee
(Right to Left- Vice President Inoke Raivaroro, Secretary Harieta Muaror, President Ivani Talu, and Treasurer Miliakere Buloukula)

After the workshops and activies, the participants gathered at 10PM to pray until midnight and welcome the New Year.

Fiji NYI President, Ivani Tigarea, says that the purpose of this youth rally was to continue to build relationships with one another. And encourage everyone to know each other by name.

The event ended with a service focused on prayer and worship led by the NYI president and Rev. Daniel Latu – Fiji District Superintendent.

There were 42 NYI in total attendance, and by the end of this rally, everyone knew each other, and there was richness in the relationships developed.

Fiji NYI appreciates your prayers for the youth ministry in this district and for the new NYI Council who will lead this year.

Written by: Rev. Sharon Latu (MSP FCC)