We have two Nazarene Youth Conferences in our Region this year. One will be happening next week in the Philippines, and one happened at the beginning of the year in Papua New Guinea.

Here’s a report from our Field Youth Coordinator in Melanesia South Pacific, Daniel Latu:

“Firstly, I want to acknowledge God whose presence saturated the event and impacted our lives throughout the week-long celebration. He alone gets the glory for everything.

The result of persistent prayers and tremendous support from everyone prior and during the event was evident – particularly as the event was organised at a time when families would gather to celebrate the Christmas and New Year holidays.

The 9th Melanesia Nazarene Youth Conference Crusade (MNYCC) is a historic event for NYI in Papua New Guinea because it was the first time the National NYI Council was released to take full responsibility in organising the entire event. The overall response from the Council  was a valuable and great learning experience.

We thank God for their hard work, the many months of dedication and keeping the unity of the body despite the many challenges prior and during MNYCC. It’s a sermon on its own. The theme is  Crossover with the Holy Spirit to Claim Your Promises and Make an Impact, based on Joshua 3:5.

The presence of District Superintendents and Pastors is always encouraging. Leadership presence in any NYI event affirms to NYI the backing and support of the church as it silently ministers the powerful message of unity in the body. This was clear in MNYCC.

There were over 1,700 registered attendees with some unofficial reports of an additional 300-500 unregistered members that gathered on the 28th of December, 2015, to the 1st of January, 2016.

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As I spent time with young people, it was encouraging to see and sense their attitude of expectancy – to them, this wasn’t just another youth camp, they believed God was going to minister in a very relevant and powerful way and God didn’t disappoint.

As God poured out His Spirit, young people and even the elderly responded to the altar calls by the hundreds to recommit and affirm their willingness to continue in the journey with God – being a disciple and agent of change.R7

Post MNYCC, young people continue to share (even on social media) how they were greatly energised and ministered to by God and how those convictions and lessons are applied now in their daily lives. Some local church pastors messaged, glorifying God for the joy and step-up attitudes expressed by their NYI.RD2

Jack Leo (South Coast District) and Jovi Goney (Bromley District) have been elected National NYI President and Vice President respectively for a term of 2 years.

I give appreciation and thanks to the Melanesia South Pacific Field Strategy Coordinator  (Rev. Harmon Schmelzenbach and team) for making the trip possible and always supporting NYI in our Field.

Let’s continue to pray for persevering faith, obedience and commitment to God in the lives of our NYI. God has a lot for us to accomplish even after this event.”