Visayan Nazarene Bible CollegeCebu, Philippines. From Upstate New York District to Cebu, Philippines, a Work and Witness team was put to work on the Visayan Nazarene Bible College (VNBC) campus. The members lugged buckets of concrete up flights of stairs, shoveled sand and rocks into bags, and renovated a portion of the dorms and classrooms. Judy, a member of the Work and Witness team said, “My favorite part was working on the site, shoveling gravel and sand into the sacks and knowing my dripping sweat would be part of that building forever”

The district team also worked with children, teaching them songs, stories, and games. When they weren’t working, the team was given a chance to see the needs and ministries of Cebu. Through the International Justice Mission (IJM) and Evan Rey Macasa, they were made aware of the human trafficking in Cebu and the Church of the Nazarene’s response in prevention and training. The team also visited Gualandi Mission for the Deaf where they learned about local education for eaf and hard of hearing children. The children were especially encouraged by Tamla, a Deaf member of the district team.

VNBC capped the week off with a celebration meal for the team, students, faculty, and construction workers. Team coordinator, Rachel, shared, “Our family has grown since the meeting, working with and worshiping with all the amazing people at VNBC. We are prayerfully considering when we can come back!”