Southeast Asia Field:  This report was just received from a team leader in one of our countries on the Southeast Asia Field.   Due to sensitivities, we can’t share names and locations, but the story and lives impacted are very real…as is the need for prayer – see below for specific requests.

This morning I received a message from Pastor JT, our district mission’s coordinator.  He relayed information about one of our new lay evangelists who received the vision for discipleship and church multiplication.   He has already started evangelizing amongst the [local major religion].

Praise the Lord!  This lay evangelist was ministering to 6 of those from the community and after 4 days, 4 of them were baptized!

When I met this lay leader, I knew that the Holy Spirit was working in his life.  He was full of excitement and passion to serve the Lord.  God is using His people for His ministry.

In another area, I was able to be eyewitness to 6 new souls baptized in the river.  It was near a local factory.  We had been working with these new believers for several weeks.  There are 5 more who want to be baptized, from the same factory.

Now I am seriously praying for guidance in how to follow-up with these new believers.  I know that the follow-up and discipling of these new believers is a task of even greater importance than baptizing them with water.  We had no formal discipleship program in place in this new area.  – Local Team Leader

Prayer Request:

We are praising God for the work of the Holy Spirit, and asking you for your prayers:

  1. For the follow-up and church planting with these new believers.
  2. For the disciples in this area that are planting more churches.
  3. That the Lord would continue to open doors for church planting, discipleship, and church multiplication.