Philippines: Team member in the Philippines Dee Sudnick, is very grateful for the blessings God is pouring out in her ministry. She praises God for the donation of funds pledged for the school at the Ormoc Church of the Nazarene. She also thanks the Lord for a good beginning to the school year at Faith Academy Middle School; she currently teaches there.

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Dee appreciates all your prayers! Please continue to pray for her, specifically for the following:

  • For the 32 new students attending Faith Academy Middle School this year. There are a lot of changes for students at middle school age and flying to a different country to attend a boarding school is an even larger adjustment.
  • For Dee, as she is in the throes of teaching science, serving on committees, coaching volleyball, coordinating testing, juggling life and work and other ministry. May she be able to establish a good balance for how she could live her life as a reflection of Christ in the Philippines.
  • For this year’s teachers at Faith Academy. A few openings remain for teachers and they trust and pray that God will bring the right people to minister in these positions.