Sealands Field Leadership Team explores ministries for expansion and learning

Jan 26, 2024

Manila, Philippines: The Sealands Field leadership team traveled to Manila Philippines, on 5-16 January 2024 for a two-week immersion and leadership training. The trip aims to discover more ministry opportunities, learnings, and connections to intensify the ongoing ministries in Sealands Field.

The participants include the Field Strategy Coordinator, Rev. Stephen Gualberto, Ministry Coordinators, Field Secretary, President, and Academic Dean of Indonesia Nazarene Theological College District Superintendents and District Secretaries.

The team learned about the importance of the District Superintendent’s presentation of a clear and structured vision during the assembly. District Superintendent Rev. Jun Macas of the Southern Tagalog District demonstrated it. He explained the vision of intentional discipleship in their local churches throughout the district. The assembly did not focus only on the reports, challenges, and affairs but also on celebration and appreciation of what the Lord has done throughout the year to their district. The event also emphasized appreciation of the Lord’s servants and motivated them to serve them passionately in the coming year.

Through the Luzon District, the team saw firsthand how a healthy district can give birth to a healthy new district. Luzon district is now divided into two, which are the highlands and lowlands districts. The team also witnessed extraordinary celebrations and festivities. The third district is Metro Manila, where the team learned what a healthy and mature Phase 3 district looks like. This district is one of the fastest-growing districts in the denomination.

The team was also very grateful to meet briefly but meaningfully with the General Superintendent, Dr. Gustavo Crocker. He spoke, motivated them, and taught about healthy local churches, districts, and fields. The District Superintendents and Secretaries are very grateful for the opportunity to see and learn from these district assemblies. They are committed to implementing good things in the next district assemblies in Sealands Field.

On another occasion, the team had the opportunity to participate in a simulation of the GMA local church’s annual meeting. On this occasion, the team learned about the need for a good and proper church annual meeting, not annual planning and reporting, but a yearly assembly open to the entire congregation. It is also a time of celebration of God’s work and elections of delegates that will represent their congregation to the district assembly. One of the most exciting things was when the Sealands team witnessed the granting of a local ministry license to a teenage boy who felt God’s calling in his heart, even though he was still so young.

No less important, the Team also had the opportunity to visit the Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary in Taytay, Rizal, and the Philippine Nazarene College in La Trinidad, Benguet. The team learned that schools play a vital role in the districts’ growth in providing good education for the church’s future leaders. They also learned creative and innovative ways in which schools can build collaborations and partnerships with organizations and the government to support school programs.

Moreover, the Sealands Leadership Team had a wonderful opportunity to hear and connect with several regional ministry coordinators. They learned how the Regional teams can help with the necessary resources to intensify their ministries further.

This 2-week trip is a learning journey for all team members and a moment to build good and healthy relationships and understanding between the field office, districts, and schools to strengthen connections and collaboration for the Sealands Field progress.

Wendi Pasaribu

Wendi Pasaribu is the Communications Coordinator for Sealands Field.

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