Korea Nazarene University (KNU) continues to grow since its beginning in 1954. And now, it is expanding and providing opportunities to international students.

KNU is known for creating a good academic atmosphere for students. It provides the academic maturity and various support system that the students need after they graduate. The South Korean Ministry of Education supports international students entering the country. They provide policies that include educational scholarships, academic language programs, careers, and employment opportunities, and support to start-ups.

Korea Nazarene University supports your dreams!

3 reasons why you should choose KNU:

  • It is the largest Nazarene University in Asia-Pacific.
  • It provides opportunities to learn the Korean language and experience Korean culture. (K-pop, K-drama, Taekwondo)
  • It provides opportunity to learn from international professors and study in English with international students from multiple countries in the Global Business major.

Visit the links below to apply to KNU.

Undergraduate: https://bit.ly/KNU-Undergraduate

Korean language: https://bit.ly/knu-language-course

Study in Korea: https://bit.ly/study-in-korea