David Phillips Shares Update on Cancer Journey. Praising God for Good Reports!

Aug 21, 2015

Columbus, Ohio:  The Asia-Pacific Region and especially the Southeast Asia Field, were shocked when the news came last month that Southeast Asia Field Strategy Coordinator, David Phillips, was headed for cancer surgery.

Praising God, David Phillips making rapid recovery, but new challenges are ahead.

While the surgery was a success, the pathology report confirmed that immediate decisions would need to be made, including the return of David and Naomi to the U.S.,  where they could get the immediate and aggressive treatment deemed necessary for the type of cancer being faced.

Interim Field Strategy Coordinator appointed for Southeast Asia Field.

David provided this update on August 19th.

“Naomi and I landed without any problems in Columbus, OH at about 6:30 on Thursday.   Ten people from our local church and my mother met us and cheered!   What a delight!   One of them pulled me aside and said, “we are with you in this for the long haul…  we love you guys.” 

The trip was tiring for me and we went to my son’s apartment where I crashed.  We went to church in Mount Vernon on Sunday.   There, the Lord spoke to me about being patient in the midst of suffering and that He had the right to take what He had given me.   I willingly gave back to Christ all that He had given me.   

I am being taken care of by the James Cancer Research center with Ohio State University.   

Here are some Key points:   

  1. I have stage 3c Cancer – this means that it spread outside the colon but not yet to other major organs.  
  2. The surgeon in Bangkok did a good job! 
  3. 50% of the people in this situation have no more cancer even without chemo. 
  4. This can be completely cured!  Chemo has a good chance of getting ALL the rest of the cancer that might still be in my body. 
  5. BUT – Even with Chemo there will be a 30% chance that I will get colon cancer again, BUT with careful screening they should be able to catch any re-occurance quite early.  
  6. The Chemo will last for 6 months and the doctor is wiling to consider my returning to Bangkok to complete the treatments.   Of course this is totally dependent on my body’s reactions to the Chemo, which no one can tell before we start.  
  7. The Chemo will start next Wednesday, August 26, and be done once every 2 weeks after that.   They tell me that I will have about 2  bad days of tiredness but that I should have about 10 days where I feel pretty good!   I should eat well, exercise, take vitamins, sleep well etc.  
  8. One of the three medicines I will be receiving damages the nerves in your hands and feet.   This damage could be permanent and would keep me from being able to feel textures and other sensitive touch.   This was my biggest concern.  
  9. The doctor was willing to allow me to communicate, type, do projects etc.   I will need to be careful about traveling in areas where there is not medical support close at hand.   I will also need to be careful about possible infections while under treatment. 

Overall I am greatly encouraged!   The doctor here confirmed much of what the doctor in Bangkok said.   There are slightly different approaches to the Chemo delivery but the same medicines are used. 

This has been an emotional time for both of us.   Naomi has been a wonderful help with everything!   My mother and our children have also be a great help!   I am amazed at the care I am receiving and feel very loved.  

May the Risen Lord grant us healing and peace.”

Please continue to keep David and Naomi in your prayers.  We are so thankful for the global family that has joined in prayer for these faithful servants.

You can follow updates from David and Naomi on their Facebook page by clicking this link. 

—- Feature Image.  David Phillips during an earlier visit to the World Mission Communications Asia-Pacific Office with one of his prayer warriors – Ernalyn Longcop Fausto – Lead Web Developer. 


Todd & Connie Lou Aebischer

Todd and Connie Lou Aebischer served as Regional Communications Coordinator - Regional NMI Coordinator respectively for over 4 years. They are now serving in Papua New Guinea under Mission Aviation Fellowship as Country Director / Program Director.

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