Nearly 3,500 years ago, God confronted a nomadic Hebrew shepherd with a simple but profound question: What’s in your hand?

In Exodus 4, God has just informed Moses that he has been chosen by God to lead the children of Israel out of Egyptian slavery. And Moses has just informed God that He has the wrong man! So God asks a question.  

Whenever God asks us a question, we know it is NOT because He doesn’t know the answer. It is usually because He wants us to learn, or maybe even “unlearn” something.

So God says to Moses, “What’s in your hand?”  

Moses is holding a simple wooden staff, a tool of his profession as a shepherd. But you know the story. Once Moses surrendered to God what he had, God was able to use Moses to carry out His amazing plan of deliverance.  

Today, God still asks His followers the same question. So what is in YOUR hands? And are you willing to surrender it to God to be used for His purposes, wherever He may lead?

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Contributed by Rev. Dave Hane, Asia-Pacific Region Personnel Coordinator