Vanuatu, Oceania:  The ministry team in Vanuatu recently sent this great report.

The leaders in our Church have been praying and seeking God’s direction [in how] to reach out in order to save souls. Our prayer was in Psalm 85: 6-7  “Will you not revive again, that your people may rejoice in you? Show us your unfailing love, o Lord, and grant us your salvation.”

File Image:  Prima Nazarene Church, 2012

File Image: Prima Nazarene Church, 2012

Our three Pastors Gideon, Seul, and Kithly at Prima Nazarene Church,  organized a one week evangelistic crusade in September to draw people from Prima Village together because of some quarrelling and argument between chiefs and their clans [that had been ongoing] for years.

The theme of the crusade was, “Heaven and Hell is real.”  With faith and many prayers God has answered us with good weather and by drawing all the villagers together for praise and worship.  Every night we saw the number of crowds have increased to 400 to 500. Many other denominations came too and presented great testimonies which prepared and made way for the unsaved ones to get saved.

The result of oneness and unity among the believers was that God poured out his great mercy on the unbelievers to find salvation and make Christ their Lord.  Starting from the beginning to the end of the crusade, the altar was full.  Believers came to renew their strength, and unbelievers came to accept Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

Chief Joe of Prima Village came to us with an enthusiastic face and said, “my Pastor, Prima village is revived. I have seen people are hungry to go to Church now. Now we chiefs and our people can have time to come together for discussions on how we can solve problem in the community, and help our people to go to church to live a peaceful life.”

Submission —- Rev. Peter Isaac, Vanuatu Mission Team

Peter and Jenny Isaac and family.

Peter and Jenny Isaac and family.

Peter and Jenny Isaac are regional missionaries from Papua New Guinea with the Church of the Nazarene, to the island nation of Vanuatu.

Both had previously been teaching at the Melanesia Bible College in PNG and this is their first missionary assignment.

Peter is an ordained elder and is currently serving as District Superintendant for this pioneer work.

They have three sons: Bennett, Ennrich and Junior.