Philippines: Filipinos from the islands of Luzon experienced the wrath of typhoon Koppu as it made its landfall early morning on Sunday, October 18.

Locally named Lando, the typhoon was strongly felt during the last two days, dumping 133mm of rain per hour within its 600-kilometer radius, causing catastrophic flooding in Central and Northern Luzon.

Thousands of families were evacuated, particularly those residing in coastal communities, low-lying and flood prone areas.  The powerful typhoon damaged houses, uprooted trees and caused massive flooding and landslide in the mountain region.

The typhoon directly hit two Nazarene districts in the Philippines- Philippine Luzon and Metropolitan Luzon. Churches became the refuge of displaced families. Initial disaster relief is currently under way through the initiative of local churches, districts and the field office.

Please join us as we pray for the affected communities and families that they may find strength in the Lord at this time of hardship. We shall continue to keep you posted as new information comes in.

Thank you for your partnership and prayers.

Submitted by: Ptr. Stephen Gualberto

*** NOTE:  Apologies to Ptr. Stephen as we made an error in the some of the details when we published the story a few days ago. It is Metropolitan Luzon (and not Metro Manila) that was affected by the typhoon. Correction has already been made to this story. Thank you again Ptr. Stephen and our sincerest apologies.