Mireu and Mijiye Kim moved to Thailand in November 2021 as missionaries. As a couple, they start to pray for how God will open doors for them while they learn the Thai language and immerse themselves in the Thai culture.

A few months ago, Mireu and Mijiye attended a training event that the South East Asia field’s Pioneer Ministry team organized.  And in that training, one of the strategies that they learned is the Story of Lydia from Acts 16:9-15.  “One night, Paul had a vision.  God called him to spread the gospel in Macedonia.  Paul Obeyed this calling and went to Philippi, which is the city of Macedonia.  There he met Lydia, who worshipped other gods.  However, after hearing the gospel, she opened her heart and decided to follow Jesus.  She and her entire household were baptized.” They believed that Lydia’s story is an example of a journey of grace.  The Holy Spirit led Lydia to where Paul was preaching. 

After learning about this, they started to pray for opportunities to apply this Lydia strategy in their area of ministry.  They believe that God is already at work and has prepared the way for them even before they arrive in the country. 

One day, when Mijiye went to the market, she met a Christian woman.  Mijiye had dinner with this lady several times, while Mireu and Mijiye continue to pray for her.  Through her, they met other people in the market.  They met one person who is a fruit vendor.  Since they are all women, Mireu encouraged Mijiye to go out and spend more time with these ladies.  One time, the ladies also invited Mireu to their house as well.

Mireu shared, “I went to their house and blessed their family.  I had the opportunity to share the gospel through my life testimony.  We also listened to Christian music.”  One of the ladies asked the Christian woman, “You are a Christian, why don’t you go to church with them?” The Christian woman replied, “ I am still afraid to go to church because of Covid-19.  Since the start of the pandemic, I have not been to church and it is almost two years now.”

With the encouragement that the Christian woman received, she finally decided to go back to church.  Now, Mireu and Mijiye are praying for the fruit vendor and the other ladies that they too will join them at church.

This is only one example of how God moves in the lives of people.  Grace comes from God and he is always drawing us to Himself.  Mireu shared, “I believe there are many Lydia’s around the Southeast Asia Field waiting for us to encounter them.  Please pray for this country and the South East Asia Field.  Pray also for the missionaries working in this field.”

Mireu and his wife Mijiye are pioneer missionaries on the Southeast Asia Field.