UPDATE: September 1, 2014

Thank you all for your continued prayers on behalf of the Radcliffes!  We have received the following update from Jim.

We believe and know that God has and is answering these prayers. I had a great cardiology visit this Friday. He [cardiologist] said I am cleared to undergo the next surgery and that my new valve is working fine with no leak like the old one had. He said my heart function is good as well. He said I could resume deputation and return to the field at the end of home assignment.

Now for the next surgery on Sep 9th, which is the adrenal tumor removal that was found during my hear evaluation. We would appreciate prayer for this laparoscopic surgery to be able to get all the mass out and that it would be benign and that recovery would be swift so that we can share with our churches what wonderful things The Lord has done for us in this illness as well as all He is doing in Papua New Guinea through His church.

We praise God and trust Him with the future. He is The Lord who heals. JIM

UPDATE from Jim and Kathy Radcliff: Ps 27:14 “Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart: wait, I say, on the Lord.”

Dear Brothers and Sisters. We are trying to do this “waiting” on the Lord and also trusting in His strength-giving power. We appreciate your prayers and support. We praise God for His healing touch over the last month since open heart surgery and for this time of recovery.

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Jim has just begun to drive a bit along with walking exercise. His incisions are healing nicely. We are also grateful to our church for this medical leave of absence. We have enjoyed some wonderful time with our families as well. We have been impressed that God has placed His people all along our way on this path to healing. In each medical office and hospital where we have been, believers, who we did not know were there, have reached out to us in encouragement and prayer.

We would appreciate continued prayers for the following requests:

• For continued healing and increased strength for Jim
• For the cardiac evaluation to be positive on August 29, in preparation for the next surgery
• For the next surgery on Sep 9th (laproscopic adrenalectomy) to go well
• For the adrenal tumor to be benign and able to be completely removed
• For our deputation services to be blessed of the Lord. Our scheduled “Home Assignment” is September-December, so we are praying that we can begin deputation in late September.
• For us to be able to return to Papua New Guinea at the end of December along with Priscilla, who will be teaching at the missionary kid school, and Ben and Katherine, joining in the medical work along with their two sons, Simeon and Mathias
• For Josiah as he soon starts his university experience at Mt. Vernon Nazarene University in engineering and continues his flight training in God’s time and plan (he recently flew solo – see photo below)
• For the staff at Kudjip Nazarene Hospital as they care for the sick, and for the short-term missionaries who are coming to cover Jim’s absence: Dr. Mike Pyle, Dr. Scott Pringle, Dr. Steve Elerding and Dr. Kevin Kerrigan

Thank you so much for your friendship and prayers. We seek to glorify Jesus in all of this and to share His calling to the next generation. Ps 78: 4-7

“We will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the LORD, His power, and the wonders He has done.” (NIV)

With Gratitude,
Jim, Kathy and family