Manila, Philippines:  The Asia-Pacific Resource Center, World Mission Communications, and Philippine Field Office Teams, are all asking for your continued prayers for our team member, Liza Holbrook.  The abdominal mass has decreased, but lung masses have increased.  The doctors have started Liza on yet another chemo medicine in addition to the others.

Click this link for complete thread of Liza’s stories.

The following update was received from Liza this week.

After my fourth chemo, by body feels really weak again, but it has been improving, Praise God!

Liza, Brooks, Kleos and Chloe

Liza, Brooks, Kleos and Chloe

Specific Prayer Requests:

1. That the new chemo medicine will work and remove all malignant cells in my body and will not cause serious side effects to other organs

2. That may God prepare my family for whatever the result of this 2nd medicine, may it be bad or good, we learn to completely trust His will for us.

3. If God is asking us to do something for Him, something that we haven’t answered yet. May we have a sensitive spirit to hear God’s calling.

4. Finances. The new medicine is 40,000 pesos more expensive than the current one.

5. Brooks’ health. He is a mother and father and caregiver of 2. His step-dad is also recovering from stroke and they live with us now.

For information on how you can tangibly participate in helping Liza and her family during this journey, please visit their Facebook Page!