Papua New Guinea: For many years, housing has been one of the biggest concerns at Kudjip Nazarene Mission Station where Kudjip Nazarene hospital, together with other Nazarene ministries are located.  Many staff have been living in seriously overcrowded homes, with some families occupying a single room.

The Church of the Nazarene, through Nazarene Health Ministries (NHM,) has already completed thirty-two staff houses and a clean sustainable water project (a triple well system,) that provides water supply to the hospital and to all of the station.

Project team leaders Earl, Kingston and Jordan, with their teams, have done an incredible job and hope to finalize completion of these very significant projects by year end. The access to a clean water supply does not only benefit the hospital staff and mission station, but the surrounding community as well! God is doing great things as those involved look forward to continuing to work in partnership with churches and other donors.

Please pray for the successful completion of these projects. May God touch more hearts to give to this great life-impacting endeavor.

In photo: Mr. Tulbai, with his family of eight.
Mr. Tulbai is one of our Primary Health staff who moved into one of the newly built homes. For more than 10 years, they lived in a small two-bedroom house. Through the housing project, the entire family can now enjoy this great blessing!