Growing up, Ingrid, a Guatemalan-American born in Florida, dreamed of working in animation and computer art, but the Lord had different plans. Through certain circumstances, Ingrid was forced to attend Trevecca Nazarene University where her passion for mission work was ignited, and she graduated with an Intercultural Studies degree. Right after graduating, she became a missionary in Thailand teaching English.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Terence, a Filipino from Iloilo, dreamed of becoming a professional badminton player, but the Lord had different plans for him as well. Through certain circumstances, Terence felt a call to full-time ministry from church leaders but was hesitant on what and where that might be. He served as a youth pastor in different churches and held leadership positions within his district and non-profit organizations.

While both were getting Master’s degrees at Asia-Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary, Ingrid and Terence found themselves working together in World Mission Communication (WMC), the media center for the Asia-Pacific Region. Ingrid in the graphic arts department and Terence in the video department. Through prayer and encouragement from the Regional leaders, Ingrid discovered a place for her passion in art and ministry, and Terence affirmed a call to mission work.

Today, Ingrid and Terence are married and are beginning a life of ministry together. During the day, they work with WMC to create content and resources for the Region, and after office hours, they serve and reach out within their community through counseling, tutoring, and sports ministry.

Please pray for the Lustañas as they continue to serve in the Philippines, the work of WMC, and the people they are reaching out to and discipline.