Botanic Gardens
Asia-Pacific Region: This week twelve Nazarene missionaries from eight different nations met for four full days at a location on the Asia-Pacific Region, for the 12th Mission Strategy Training (MST).  The goal of these MST sessions is to  create venues where mission personnel from across the region are challenged to:
  • Encounter the Word, come face to face with God
  • Intersect their world, come face to face with their neighbor
  • Respond to God’s revelation of his Word and their world
  • Engage their community, putting into practice actions that originate from hearing the heartbeat of God and heart cry of their neighbor.
“This MST experience has caused me to completely re-think my mission assignment and challenged me to open my eyes to the nations of people who are all around us,” said Todd Aebischer, Asia-Pacific Regional Communications Coordinator. “I have been challenged to remember that the Bible commands us to all be making disciples while we are on the way, regardless of our individual ministry assignments.”
During the debriefing session, attendees expressed their excitement at feeling “liberated and challenged” to truly make a new impact in their areas of ministry. 
Your prayers are greatly appreciated, especially for those missionaries who are returning to assignments that, while might appear at first observation to be very challenging, are full of incredible opportunities to make Christ-like disciples in the nations!